Now On Instagram Friends!

So I now have a profile on Instagram as kcelestineart.  I also have a Twitter @kcelestineart if you’d like to follow.  I hope your having a wonderful life!

agressiveexpansion asked - "I love your work, just letting you know!"

Thank you so much!  I’m working on an animated sacred geometry video that you might also like.  I’ll show some of the progress soon.

buffalo-boogie asked - "Your works art leave me speechless. It's very moving in the most beautiful way."

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I really appreciate those words and everyone who enjoys the work I am creating!

There are no problems in life worth complaining over, but rather, challenges to overcome.

- K.

Each moment is a canvas with which we choose to paint beauty or bondage, for we are all the artist of our reality.

- K.

If you travel the path long enough you will find what you are looking for but it may not be what you’re expecting to see.

- K.